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In My Own Worst Enemy (premieres Monday, Oct. 13, 10 pm/ET, NBC), Christian Slater plays two roles: Henry Spivey, a mild-mannered, suburban dad who travels a lot for work and wishes he had more time for his family, and Edward Albright, a dashing international operative who works for a top-secret intelligence agency. The catch: They share a body, and are unaware of the other's existence, initially anyway. In the pilot episode, titled "Breakdown," a malfunctioning computer chip inside Henry/Edward's head starts to "flip the switch" at inopportune moments, giving the two men unwelcome glimpses into the lives of their very different alter egos. Slater tells us why he decided to do a TV show, the difference between playing the two characters, and why people shouldn't worry about this show's resemblance to Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. You're a movie star. Why do this TV show?
Slater: I liked the dual-personality aspect of the script. I thought the title was great fun, and that the Jekyll-and-Hyde premise, that angel-and-devil-on-your-shoulder theme, was something very identifiable and interesting. Will Henry be pulled into Edward's world, or vice versa, or both?
I can tell you that there are going to be some very interesting things and scenarios that Angie is going to have to deal with. There are certain elements of this show that remind me of Dollhouse, Joss Whedon's new show [which premieres on Fox in January]. Was there ever a moment where people thought, uh-oh, this sounds kind of familiar
If you look at entertainment, it's always a version of something else. When I was filming Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, they were making another Robin Hood in another forest somewhere else in London. So there are always scenarios like that. This is a Jekyll-and-Hyde story. It takes a particular genre scenario and updates it.

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