Chris Isaak's upcoming self-titled Showtime series may not be grabbing as many headlines as the network's other new offering, the gay-themed Queer As Folk, but the rock star/actor promises that it will be no less racy.

"I haven't seen Queer As Folk, so it's hard to tell, but I do make love to a different man and woman in each episode," Isaak deadpans to TV Guide Online. "Actually, our show is very subdued and laid back. I play a comedian who lives in New York, and I have kind of a wacky guy who lives across the hall from me."

All joking aside, The Chris Isaak Show — which is slated to debut in the spring and promises to offer viewers a behind-the-scenes peek into the rock music scene — does in fact share something in common with Seinfeld: Both shows are loosely based on the life of its lead. "I play myself, except on TV I'm nicer," Isaak says. "They make me a nice, caring guy. I don't say things that are politically incorrect or flip people off while I'm driving. I want the audience to like me, so they try to write me nicer.

"It's a lot easier to be nicer than I really am," he adds. "I like it."

And for those more interested in Isaak's dreamy guitar pop than his irreverent personality, The Chris Isaak Show will feature music in every episode. "If you like my singin', there will be plenty of it," says Isaak, whose big break came in 1989 with the hit single "Wicked Game" (not to mention the super-sexy Herb Ritts-directed video that accompanied it). "And I'm getting to duet with a lot of different people. One week it's me and Lisa Loeb and the next week it's me and M&#246tley Cr&#252e. I'm serious about that. It's a wide variety."

A soundtrack is a possibility, but Isaak admits "first they've got to see if anybody watches. Then they'll worry about a soundtrack."

Well, at the very least, Showtime can count on at least one loyal viewer. "I think it's the funniest half-hour on TV," Isaak admits, setting up the inevitable punchline. "Of course, it's an hour-long show. But there's a good half-hour in there if you look for it. But you've got to look, really look. Keep looking."