Some of the female extras working on Chippendales Murder, the USA Network film premiering tonight (9 pm/ET), took their roles as rowdy audience members a little too seriously. As star Victor Webster explains, things got a little out of hand during one of his stripteases.

"I didn't know the director told them to go crazy and grab me as much as they could," laughs Webster, who plays one of the featured dancers in the fact-based tale of murder and corruption behind the scenes of America's most notorious male dance revue. "I was pulling away milliseconds before their hands were actually under the g-string."

Impromptu crotch-grabbing wasn't the only frightening moment the former Days of Our Lives hunk experienced during the film's shoot. In a scene that may conjure up visions of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Webster is dressed as a drag queen — complete with garter belt and high heels. "I've dressed up for Halloween and crazy things like that, but this was such an extreme," he says, "all the leather, scantily dressed, bending over and shaking my butt in front of all these women."

Luckily, Webster was able to stay in the moment for the outlandish number. "All the cameramen were dressed in black," he explains, "and all I could see were the women. So, it really felt like I was there."

Chippendales Murder isn't all about gyrating hips and racing hearts, however. The cable film chronicles the rise and fall of ruthless Chippendales founder Steve Banerjee, whose paranoia led him to kill business partner Nick DeNoia and, eventually, himself.

"We've all heard about the beefcake part of it, but we don't hear about this incredibly sadistic monster," notes Webster. "I had no idea it was based on a true story. I thought, 'Wow, this is kind of a cool idea.' Then they told me it was real, and I thought, 'Not a good thing.'"