Terriers Terriers

Cheers to Terriers for sinking its teeth into some meaty drama.

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FX's P.I. series has suffered from a bit of an identity crisis in its first season — is it a breezy caper comedy, a dark conspiracy thriller, a character-based drama or some combo platter of the three? That, along with a slightly misleading title and marketing campaign, has hampered the show in the ratings, and a second season seems like a long shot.

That's too bad, because with this week's installment, "Pimp Daddy," Terriers really finds its legs. Cowritten by exec producer Shawn Ryan (The Shield) and directed by Sons of Anarchy vet Adam Arkin, the series' ninth episode finds Hank (Donal Logue) confronting his ex-wife's fiancé (Loren Dean) about a McMartin-like child-molestation scandal, while Britt (Michael Raymond-James) finds out his girlfriend (Laura Allen) is pregnant, unaware he may not be the father. He also helps a hooker (Drag Race's D.J. "Shangela"  Pierce) track down a friend's killer, in a subplot that may draw GLAAD's ire for its use of the word "tranny." But at this point, there's no such thing as bad publicity for Terriers.

Do you think Terriers deserves a new leash on life?

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