Donal Logue Donal Logue

Cheers to FX for unleashing Terriers on the viewing public.

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The cable net's latest dramedy, from exec producers Shawn Ryan (The Shield) and Ted Griffin (Oceans 11), got off to a slow start in the ratings last week, perhaps due to a slightly misleading title. It's got very little to do with canines, although its anti-heroes — rule-bending Ocean Beach, Calif., P.I.'s Hank (Donal Logue, back in top Knights of Prosperity form) and Britt (True Blood alum Michael Raymond James) — are as scrappy and tenacious as proverbial dogs with bones.

With any luck, this endearingly shaggy series will slowly build an audience based on word-of-mouth. This week's episode, directed by the always-wily Clark Johnson (The Wire), was even more enjoyable than the pilot. If all else fails, maybe Terriers could juice its ratings with a visit from FX's fellow Golden State rebels, the Sons of Anarchy.

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