Jeffrey Wright Jeffrey Wright

Cheers to House for prescribing the perfect guest star: Jeffrey Wright.

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The formidable actor, who currently costars in two Oscar-nominated films (The Ides of March and

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close), brought a simmering intensity to the role of Dr. Walter Cofield, a former mentor whom Foreman (Omar Epps) brought in to investigate a case that resulted in Chase (Jesse Spencer) getting stabbed and nearly losing the ability to walk.  As Cofield put House and his unorthodox methods under a microscope, Wright and Laurie engaged in a riveting egghead-to-egghead battle.Cofield eventually decided to exonerate House of any wrongdoing, after the patient's wife conveniently burst into the disciplinary meeting with the news that Dr. Crankypants had been right all along. Still, the experience inspired House to utter those two little words so rarely heard from him: "I'm sorry." Surely no one had to say that after casting Jeffrey Wright.What do you think of Jeffrey Wright on House?

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