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Cheers to Community for giving viewers a reason to celebrate Valentine's Day.

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With all due respect to a certain weekly entertainment magazine (where — in the interest of full disclosure — I must admit I worked for many years), "TV's smartest comedy" airs 90 minutes earlier than the glib, heartless Parks & Recreation. In its sophomore season, Community has truly warmed up. It's not just about clever pop-culture references and anything-for-a-laugh surrealism. The characters have genuinely come to care for one another in a non-cloying way, allowing fans to develop deeper attachments to them, too. Never was that clearer than in the Valentine's Day episode, when the seemingly too-hip-for-the-classroom Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) finally told his study group mates that he loves them — albeit in a mass voicemail.

And talk about smart: The episode, "Early 21st Century Romanticism," was packed with useful information. To wit: 

With writing that smart, how can you not love Community?

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