My Boys My Boys

Cheers to My Boys for weathering the loss of one of their own.

TBS' endearing-underdog sitcom has always coasted on the chemistry of its ensemble, so the news that the reliably hilarious Jim Gaffigan wouldn't return for Season 4 as Jordana Spiro's droll brother gave fans cause for concern. Having seen three of this summer's new episodes (including the two that kick off the season on Sunday, July 25 at 10/9c), I can gladly report that the state of My Boys is still strong

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Creator Betsy Thomas (who directed the opener) wisely acknowledges the pale elephant who's not in the room right away as PJ and the gang spend the first episode searching for a replacement for Gaffigan's Andy at the poker table—and amusingly flashing back to conflicting accounts of how they all met. Episode 2 features the funniest pot-themed sitcom scenes since Roseanne and Dan lit up in the 1993 classic "A Stash from the Past." And "The NTO" (airing August 15) wittily adds to the lexicon of relationship comedy with the titular "Natural Tapering Off." Happily, My Boys shows no signs of the NTO.

Are you psyched for My Boys' comeback?

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