Aly Michalka and Matt Barr Aly Michalka and Matt Barr

Aly Michalka, star of the new Hellcats, which got a full-season pickup in October, pumps us up for what's to come on the pom-pom show. Ready? OK!

Team Dan or Team Lewis? Emotions run high for Michalka's Marti, whose romance with fellow cheerleader Lewis (Robbie Jones) starts to flag when she realizes "she has feelings for Dan that she has kind of buried underneath her surface."

Bring on the drama A secret causes a rift between snarky Marti and her peppy team captain Savannah (Ashley Tisdale). "Something about Marti's past comes out and severs that relationship for a few episodes," says Michalka, who adds that Marti finds herself the black sheep of the squad again.

Let's hear it for guest stars Michalka's sister and 78violet bandmate, AJ, will show up on campus later this season. Tonight's episode features a performance by Canadian singer-songwriter Fefe Dobson. Rah, rah for that!

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