What's the best perk of working on a cable series? Getting to curse like a truck driver, natch. Just ask Charlotte Ross, who stars as trash-talking viper Lori Volpone on Showtime's biting showbiz satire Beggars and Choosers.

"Having the freedom to swear is great because it frees me up to ad-lib," Ross tells TV Guide Online. "My character's angry a lot and as an actor you're usually like, 'Oh god, I can't let it really go because I might slip a damn in there or a f--- in there.'

"If I had to tailor-make Lori for NBC it would be hard for me," she continues. "I would have to be really careful because without that freedom it would probably really throw me."

But the star of such short-lived TV fare as The Heights, Pauly, Trinity and The Five Mrs. Buchanans admits that she draws the racy content line at nudity. In fact, Ross has a clause in her contract restricting what can and cannot be shown. "It's just not something that I aspire to," she says, adding, "but if a movie down the line required it and it was a really well-written role with a great director and cast it, would be something I'd have to decide on. I have passed on some good feature roles that, actually, had some nudity. But I'm definitely never going to do nudity for the small screen. No way."

One other thing that Ross doesn't intend to do is get her hopes up that Emmy voters will listen to critics and recognize her stand-out work on Beggars. Despite an advertising push by Showtime, Ross was robbed of a nomination this year. "I don't think any actress would ever expect or even hope to get nominated," says the two-time Emmy nominee for her early work on Days of Our Lives. "It's one of those things you really try not to think about. You just can't think about it.

"I am also realistic and I know that Showtime is [slowly] getting more respect and hopefully getting a bigger audience," she adds. "But we're not HBO yet."