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As he plots a return to primetime via FX's upcoming sitcom Anger Management, Charlie Sheen says he is putting last spring's "tiger blood"-fueled antics behind him.

"I'm a lot more mellow and focused and much more rooted in reality," Sheen told reporters Sunday night at Pasadena's Castle Green. Sheen took his image rehabilitation tour to the nation's TV critics, who were gathered at a party celebrating Fox's and FX's upcoming series. But once Sheen arrived, reporters mobbed him.

Sheen jokingly calls his public meltdown last spring his "winning odyssey" but stands by his contention that he was unhappy with his involvement on Two and a Half Men.

What happened? The actor says his behavior was triggered by "what was going on for all of those years on the set, and it was also about the pressure cooking up 30 years in the business, and just finally wanting to say all the things I wanted to say." He adds: "I said them all at once and it created a tsunami of bizarre proportions."

Despite several accounts that Sheen's substance use was impacting his performance on Men — leading to his dismissal — Sheen says he believes that he was "right about what they [Men producer Warner Bros. TV] had done that was completely wrong vs. what I had done... in terms of who was in breach. That's why I pushed it so hard because I knew there was victory at the end."

Nonetheless, when asked whether he harbored any regrets from last year, Sheen says, "I would have been a little less vocal about the people I worked with." (Sheen famously blasted Men exec producer Chuck Lorre, as well as CBS and Warner Bros., leading to his dismissal.)

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