Believe it or not, the WB's lewd and crude sketch comedy, Hype, does have its boundaries. The show — which has featured everything from a faux President Clinton humping Monica Lewinsky's image on a park bench to a skit of Tom Green pulling his engagement ring to Drew Barrymore out of his butt — has been forbidden from uttering a certain five-letter word.

"I can't say 'penis,'" series star Shayma Tash tells TV Guide Online. "They won't let me. I did the 'Hype Report' and I wanted to say, 'Good evening. I'm Shayma Tash, and I have a penis... at home... in my sock drawer... waiting for me.' And they won't let me say 'penis' to the camera and I'm upset. Dr. Ruth can say 'penis.'

"They let me say, 'Good evening. I'm Shayma Tash and I'm the best sex I've ever had,' and, 'Sometimes, I don't feel fresh,'" she continues. "So why can't I say, 'I have a penis?' Maybe they don't want that mental image going around."

Tash's 'Hype Report' has drawn comparisons to Saturday Night Live's venerable 'Weekend Update' — a parallel its host admits was inevitable. "The 'Hype Report' was inspired by 'Weekend Update,'" notes the comedienne, best known for her impersonations of Joan Rivers, Al Pacino and Julia Roberts. "I know there have been a lot of people who have tried to duplicate it, which is not what I'm trying to do. Instead, I'm trying to pay homage to it."

One act that Tash says is not inspired by SNL, however, is her and co-star Nadya Ginsburg's parody of Joan and Melissa Rivers. In fact, the California native says some have commented that SNL's send-up of the mother-daughter red-carpet critics — performed by Ana Gasteyer and former cast member Cheri Oteri — pales in contrast to Hype's spoof.

"I've heard from people that we do a better Joan and Melissa," Tash says. "I'm a fan of SNL, and I think that Ana and Cheri are very, very funny. But I hear that we do a better Joan and Melissa. That's the word on the street — that's all I'm saying."