Dionne Warwicke Dionne Warwicke

Legendary songstress Dionne Warwick taught us what friends were for in the in the 1980's, but on this season of Celebrity Apprentice, the confrontational 70-year-old did not make any friends of her own. TV Guide Magazine caught up with Warwick to discuss working with her teammates and her why she gave up in the boardroom.

TV Guide Magazine: What was the hardest part about being on the show?
Warwick: [Laughs] Understanding these ladies. They were full of personalities and everyone has their own way of doing things, as I do. It's hard to contain all of that, but when we had to get down to business, we did.

TV Guide Magazine: Did you find yourself at an age disadvantage being the oldest contestant?
Warwick: Not at all, I found it to my advantage. I think I knew a little more than most of the ladies on the show.

TV Guide Magazine: Do you think you went too far with name-calling Niki Taylor a "hussy" and NeNe Leakes a "coward"?
Warwick: I was in the moment. Everybody has a way of being, and each one of them shows their true being.

TV Guide Magazine: Are you surprised at some of the comments from your teammates calling you slow and unhelpful?
Warwick: It got to the point where I think they lost sight on why they were there. It became a very personal kind of issue with most of them, as opposed to working for charity. It was going down a road that I'm not accustomed to going down, so I felt it was best for me to say adieu. I've worked very hard for this 50-year career of mine, and didn't want to put it into jeopardy by people that I didn't know and people that I didn't feel deserved to have that much power.

TV Guide Magazine: Are you going to keep in touch with any of the women?
Warwick: I know Star [Jones] very well and I've known LaToya [Jackson] since she was a little bitty baby. But the other ladies...it was my first encounter with them and I would say it will be my last [laughs].

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