Lifetime's The Conversation breaks every conventional rule we know about celebrity interviews.

On the series, which premieres Thursday at 11/10c, A-listers like Gwyneth Paltrow, Lady Gaga and Eva Longoria open up to host Amanda de Cadenet about issues we rarely see them address elsewhere: death, drugs, body image, relationships and their sex lives.

De Cadenet, a British TV personality and photographer, says her subjects are more open because they volunteered to be part of the project on their own — not because they had something to promote. (Although it probably didn't hurt that Demi Moore serves as executive producer). "Every woman who showed up did so because they are an advocate for women in some way," she says. "They wanted to participate in something that is supportive and inspirational for other women."

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"The media is so jam-packed [with a] certain kind of woman and a certain kind of role model... and nobody can live up to the expectations that are being set for women today," she says. "Everyone is comparing themselves to these role models and saying 'Oh my God, I'm failing miserably.' But it's not real. The [celebrities] themselves are portrayed in a certain way, and even they can't live up to the public perception of themselves. We need to say, 'Look, we're all dealing with some similar stuff here.'"

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The Conversation premieres Thursday, April 26 at 11/10c on Lifetime.