Wanna know the real story behind the breakup of actress Jennifer Love Hewitt and MTV heartthrob Carson Daly?

"She dumped me," the Total Request Live host confesses to Playboy. "The guy on the E! channel said it was mutual, which it wasn't, because I didn't know anything about it."

But Daly says he has no regrets about his failed two-year relationship with the Time of Your Life star. "The reason I can sit here and talk about it is that I'm in a better place now than during our relationship.

"I consciously did everything I could do as a man to be the right person," he recalls. "I flew to Los Angeles every frigging weekend just to see her for a day. I didn't do anything wrong. That helps with recovery. I got dumped. Her loss."

Daly also puts to rest those rumors involving a possible romance between him and pop sensation Christina Aguilera. The 26-year-old Daly says not to read too much into their flirty on-air banter during telecasts from the Super Bowl and the Times Square New Year's Eve celebration.

"The events were strictly coincidences," he says. "We're friends. We hang out and go out to dinner."