Singer Carnie Wilson says she's ready to show off her svelte new body — possibly in the pages of Playboy!

"I'd do it for a half million, but not until I get everything cleaned up and my boobs lifted," a third of the Wilson Phillips trio told US Weekly of her post-intestinal bypass surgery physique. In fact, the former talk show host is ready to go under the knife again. "I have all this loose skin on my tummy and arms and stuff, like five to ten pounds of it, that they're going to remove."

Wilson, who is joining forces with Chynna Phillips and sister Wendy to reunite their girl group, says she was devastated when the band broke up in 1992. "I was angry. I felt like, 'Wait a minute, we've just started. It's only been two years!' I felt like it would last forever. And it didn't. I crashed hard, and it hurt. Then I got nervous, like, 'What am I gonna do?'"

Focusing her energies on dieting, Wilson decided surgery was her only option. "I was desperate," she says. "I was so tired of dealing with weight. And I kept reading how a lot of people felt free after the surgery, that they weren't so obsessed with food. I was really excited about that, because I could not satisfy my cravings, ever. I remember going to Burger King and then right to McDonald's, and then just a couple of hours later on to more junk food."

Now, Wilson, newlywed to guitarist Rob Bonfiglio, says she's no longer in a feeding frenzy. "I only ate a spoonful of my wedding cake," she concedes. "And I was satisfied. I tasted it, it's genius... I want more, but I'm not going to have it."