Are you ready for Carmen Electra as a crime-fighting robot who's looking for love?

The buxom beauty, whose over-the-top comedy Scary Movie opens in theaters on Friday, hopes to keep riding the camp-humor wave next year with a silly new TV series called Electra's Guy. She just shot a pilot tape for Columbia TriStar TV Distribution, which just so happens to syndicate the campy action show V.I.P. for fellow Baywatch alum Pamela Anderson.

"It is a little comedy, a lot of action, a lot of fight scenes and explosions and stuff," says Electra, who plays a robot that is inherited by her late inventor's son.

"She's not human, so she doesn't really know how to love and she doesn't know all these different emotions, so throughout the TV show I would get in touch with these different emotions and possibly fall in love or not fall in love," she tells us. "It's kind of like a spin-off from The Avengers."

The former Prince protégé also tells us she has headed back into the recording studio and is working on a demo for Gloria Estefan's label. She describes her new sound as a cross between Latin music and Shania Twain.

"Not necessarily country, but a little more in that direction," she says. "But it definitely has to have good beats, because I'm a dancer, so I want to dance."