Life came a little too close to imitating art for Campbell Scott while he was prepping for Final, his first solo directing project. In the psychological drama (currently in theaters), the main character — which was to have been played by Scott — is tortured by the guilt of missing his father's death by moments. Sadly, just prior to shooting, his own dad, Oscar-winning screen legend George C. Scott, passed away.

"I was out in L.A. making another movie when he died," recalls the 40-year-old thesp, who is probably best known for playing a leukemia victim opposite Julia Roberts and his late mother, actress Colleen Dewhurst, in 1991's Dying Young. "It's a blur when a parent or anyone close to you dies. It was a close relationship spiritually, but not geographically. The last time we had seen each other was a year before."

Following his father's death, Scott chose to focus solely on directing Final — and cast The Job's Denis Leary in the lead role. As Leary recalls, "[Campbell] called and said, 'I can't go in front of the camera because of my mental state.'"