Allison Mack and Tom Welling, <EM>Smallville</EM> Allison Mack and Tom Welling, Smallville

As promised, series cocreator Al Gough has spent his February sweeps answering not one or two but three batches of your burning questions about the CW's Smallville (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET). This week, as the show presents a new episode directed by Michael Rosenbaum (aka Lex), Gough tackles the topics of "evil Jor-El," a scheduled visit from Wonder Woman, the fate of Met U and more.

Thanks for a great show and allowing me to see a very interesting take on Superman from week to week. Are you planning on resolving fully the whole "evil Jor-El" thing this season? Or is that something that will be saved for Season 7? — Raulduke
Al Gough:
The whole "evil Jor-El" thing is up for debate. Maybe it's more like tough love than being evil. At any rate, as he's discovered, Clark needs to take care of those darn Phantom Zoners before he can go back to Daddy.

Will we ever see the return of the elusive "soul-mate bracelet"? We all know it's meant for Lois, of course, and although it'd be a little forceful to have it thrust upon her, I think it would be nice to see it come up again in passing, maybe just to show that Clark is giving it some consideration. — Ewokazon
Thanks for noticing the wink to the Superman lore. As we've found, a little goes a long way in that department.  

Will the show start to focus more consistently on Clark and his journey to becoming Superman? Will we see Clark embark on starting his career in journalism or getting a job at the "Daily Planet"? — Freespiritedjem
The whole series has been focusing on Clark's journey to becoming Superman! The move to journalism has been incremental, but he's worked at the "Torch" and certainly has spent a lot of time at the "Daily Planet," so stay tuned.

How do you envision the last episode, especially the last scene of the last show of the series? Will we finally see Clark in the suit and flying to Metropolis as Superman? PS. Please keep Steven DeKnight on as a writer. As seen with "Justice" and "Zod," he really gets the material and can write a great episode.
Steve DeKnight certainly is a talented guy, that's for sure. As far as the last episode goes, we're in heavy spoiler territory even talking about it.

Lionel seems to be tragically underused this season, and there has been no follow-up to the Kryptonian "power" symbol and "Truth Seeker" text we were teased with at the end of "Zod." What exactly is going on? — EzraSmall
Don't you worry, EzraSmall, Lionel will have plenty of screen time in upcoming episodes, and is certain to play a pivotal role. We haven't forgotten what happened at the end of "Zod," and neither has Lionel.

What role does Lana's baby have in the future of the show? — BlueJay, Australia
Without spoiling anything, I will say that her baby is an important part of the rest of the season.

Lana is in love with two men, and settling for Lex? Will Lex ever regain the "Luthor" that made him such an awesome character? Or is Lex playing Lana after all? — Tig01
We all know who Lex Luthor is destined to be. Just because he loves her doesn't mean he can't play her, too.

Is there any chance that Smallville may move on to maybe Metropolis, with Clark, Lex, Lois and Chloe? — Superman1
We've certainly spent a lot of time with Metropolis, but it will always be called Smallville!

Hi, Mr. Gough! Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions. Just wondering what Chloe will be up to for the rest of the season? Will 33.1 play a big role? I love that story line and think it gives her an opportunity to really shine. — Chlarklove
Chloe's got some exciting times ahead of her. All we can say is, Lex has been putting a lot of time, money and energy into 33.1. You think he's going to let that go to waste?

Creatively, I've always thought your show was unique, often independent of the original mythology. Have you received any backlash about the whole Lana-Lex thing? Do you feel the fans will be happy with how it plays out? — Carthelfarms
I have a feeling the fans will be OK with it. We receive backlash about all kinds of story lines, so we're used to that. Believe it or not, if Lana and Lex didn't get together, there would be some people who would be complaining about that, too. You can't please all the people all the time, but you can entertain them. Thanks for the kind words.

Will Clark get the memory-erasing kiss ability and "spinning thing" in Smallville, or is that later? Also will we see any more colors of kryptonite (e.g., gold)? — Smithy
Uh, no memory-erasing kiss. (We have enough people forgetting stuff in this show!) New Kryptonite is always a possibility; I am personally pushing for a color that will allow us to break 22 episodes a season faster than a speeding bullet!

Now that the Wonder Woman movie has stalled, is there any chance that you can bring a young Diana Prince onto Smallville during Season 7? An arc with a young Diana meeting a young Clark Kent would be worth watching! Plus, it could show the beginnings of their long-term iconic relationship. — Scarlett
We are always pushing to get a young Diana Prince on the show, and we will continue to fight the good fight.  We'd love to see her have a relationship with Clark. In the meantime, we have Lynda Carter guest-starring in the Apr. 12 episode, as Chloe's mom. Scratch another name off the wish list!

When will Clark be shown developing an interest in journalism, and returning to college to pursue his education in this field? Since he is a prize-winning journalist in the future, he needs to start developing an interest now, during this time in his life.
Met U has reopened, but to be honest, people sitting in classrooms is a snorefest, unless your teacher is Brainiac! I think Clark's interest in journalism has been growing, but I don't think you'll see him interning at the "Planet" just yet. How many print journalists can one TV show take? Pretty soon we're going to start looking like the TV Guide offices!