Lance Reddick by George Holz/Fox Lance Reddick by George Holz/Fox

I'm going to be speaking to the producers of Fringe today. Now that you've seen the highly anticipated pilot, do you have any burning questions? Here are a few I came up with; please leave yours in the comments section. - Mickey O'Connor

1. What's up with those symbols (leaf, frog, etc.) that appear at the commercial breaks? Are they some kind of puzzle that we're supposed to "figure out"?

2. Why was Walter Bishop institutionalized in the first place? Sure, he's eccentric, but most of the time he seems perfectly lucid.

3. Why do they have a cow in the lab? I know they said something about similar DNA, but why not a monkey or rats like they usually have in a lab?

4. Who do you think should play William Bell, CEO of Massive Dynamics?

5. How did they film that scene with Blair Brown's cool robot arm?

6. Similarly, is the Massive Dynamics headquarters a real building?

7. Who did those cool title cards ("Essex County, Massachusetts", etc.) - are they by any chance by the same people who did Panic Room's opening credits? Or did J.J. do them?

8. What did they use to make Mark Valley's skin look translucent?

9. While we're on the subject, it appears that Mark is a cast regular. Is he dead, alive, something else (zombie? YES, PLEASE!), or does it even matter?

10. Do planes really land themselves at Logan Airport?

11. How often will Lance Reddick appear, and has his casting on Fringe changed his role on Lost at all?

12. Will Olivia Dunham ever crack a smile? (See Anna Torv's answer to the same question here.)

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