"Sarah is one of the hardest-working women I know," says the actress, who plays Buffy's arch nemesis, Faith. "It's such a hard job and I could never see myself having the patience to do that kind of a show. I mean, Sarah's there all the time working harder than anybody else. I kind of have ADD [Attention Deficit Disorder]."

Still, Dushku is looking forward to what series creator Joss Whedon has planned this season for her backstabbing alter ego, who when last seen had turned herself in to authorities. "I always joke with Joss, 'I've jumped off a building, gone into a coma, been in jail. If you can find a really witty and great way to bring me back, then I'll come back,' " she says. "So far, he's lived up to his end."

Dushku's affinity for high kicks and left hooks on Buffy should have come in handy for her role as a reluctant cheerleader in Bring It On. But the actress points out that "actually, the moves are really different. The only thing they have in common is that [they both] take a lot of energy and a lot of hard work."

As it is, Dushku ? who will don pom poms again in the upcoming film The New Guy ? explains that she didn't have a lot of experience in the "rah rah" department to begin with. "When I went in for my audition, they said, 'So, do you know any cheers?' I was like, 'Cheers? No!' I grew up with three older brothers. So I was never very cheerleaderish. I was doing things like playing touch football."