Adam Busch Adam Busch

Another Buffy alum is heading for the halls of Seattle Grace.

Adam Busch, who played evil-doer Warren, will guest-star on Grey's Anatomy as a first-year resident who shadows Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), has confirmed.

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Busch, 32, is the third Buffy alum to guest-star on the ABC series. Both Seth Green and Amber Benson, whose Buffy character was killed by Warren, have appeared. Nicholas Brendan also made his way to the Shonda Rhimes universe this season, playing Charlotte's rapist on Private Practice.

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Busch — who has also appeared in episodes of Law & Order, Back to You and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles — is slated to appear in one episode airing Thursday, Jan. 13.

The news was first reported by E! Online.