How does Greenwood occupy his time between films? "Oh, stew about not working. Try to get a job. Play guitar. Work in my garage." The reclusive St.Elsewhere alum doesn't carry his ego in his toolbox; in fact, he has trouble watching his own work. "I've never sat back and said, 'That was good.' I'm always curled up. I only see the mistakes and the stuff I could have done better. I don't know many actors who sit back and watch themselves and pat themselves on the back."

Does the actor hope that if Rules is a smash perhaps his visibility will increase? "You always hope, but if I had those expectations I'd just be dashed. I don't believe, until I'm working, that it's going to happen. If I'm talking to somebody about a script and an offer has been made and a deal has been struck, until I'm actually working I keep my mouth shut."

Greenwood's next gig is a return to the role of Home Depot customer. "We just moved, so I'm putting in molding and dry wall, and building cabinets." At least until the next director screams "Action!"