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For Brothers & Sisters star Matthew Rhys, directing his fellow actors hasn't gotten any easier with practice. "I'm still in that uncomfortable place of finding it an enormous amount of work," Rhys tells of directing Sunday's episode, his third attempt behind the camera. (He plays Walker sibling Kevin on the show.) "I get very discombobulated trying to do both."

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"Whether it's a folly or not, or misguided trust, they have certainly given me some big ones to deal with," Rhys says of the pivotal episode. "But to be perfectly honest, it's rare that a week goes by that is light for the Walkers — that doesn't have to have some sort of family trauma or drama."

While Nora seems more than disinterested in getting involved with Brody again, it's clear by episode's end that her feelings on the matter aren't steadfast. But given that Nora's romantic track record is far from sterling, could Brody be the one to turn that around?

"He was an incredibly prominent part in Nora's past life, and his mere re-entry into it upsets her equilibrium enormously," Rhys says. "She's been unlucky in love for the last five seasons, and no one ever wants to see their mother go through that. So I think it would be a good move on the show's behalf to have her settle down."

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