Suddenly Susan star Brooke Shields may have been a

Pretty Baby but she was no wild teen.

"I don't know if it's reverse psychology, but my mom would say, 'You wanna do drugs? Fine. Do them. Just do me a favor. Let me do 'em with you. I'll get you the best stuff. This way I know you're not going to die.' And the whole thing was so unappealing to me."

A mom who offers you drugs? "I'm lucky I didn't grow up crazy," the former child actress tells Nylon. "I don't know how I didn't become a statistic, because... at times you do feel like you're going a little nuts. And my mom was the Bohemian kind of wild child."

These days Shields is ready to be the mom. Her new goal is to "have babies. I can't imagine anything better! I want to have a life and enjoy it. I'd love to be in a great relationship, have the kid strapped to my hip, have the truck and the dog and just go."

This may soon be a possibility for Shields who, with a new beau at her side, could be facing a lot of downtime in the wake of Susan's probable cancellation. "I'm ready. I don't think it will come back. I don't think we ever got over losing [the late actor] David [Strickland]. I think we changed the show so dramatically that we lost our loyal viewers, and then we didn't have a good enough time slot and enough consistency to get newer viewers."