If you're sick of hearing the word Trump, watch the fourth season of Broad City.

The comedy helmed by Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer tackles the presidential elephant in the room in a unique way — by treating his name as an expletive. Every time the girls say "Trump" in the upcoming season's sixth episode, "Witches," it's getting bleeped like every other f-bomb.

"We just got to a point where in real life we're talking about the current administration, we're talking about Trump every day and saying it so many times," Glazer explained to critics at the Television Critics Association fall previews. "We just didn't want to share air time. He's got enough. We just don't even want to hear the word."

Ilana Grazer and Abbi Jacobson, <em>Broad City</em>Ilana Grazer and Abbi Jacobson, Broad City

While the episode speaks most outwardly about the results of the last presidential election, Trump's White House win had a huge affect on the season. The election happened between an unprecedented break between the women's initial writing and rewrite process — forcing them to take a deeper look at what they were putting into their season than ever before.

"We originally didn't write [the episode] like that," Glazer continued. "We did more rewriting than ever before, more creatively than logistically in our rewrite period because this election happened and the world changed."

Now that the show is heading into Season 4, both Glazer and Jacobson are more aware of their platform and plan to use it.

Broad City Will Bleep Out Trump's Name in Season 4

"We were just talking about before how the consciousness of our messaging has increased over the seasons. Our platform has grown and we've grown relatively comfortable with it now," Glazer said.

Getting comfortable means the women aren't going to beat around the bush when it comes to their opinion, because in this current political climate you can't afford to be shy.

"This is something [Abbi and Ilana] are going to be talking about all the time," Jacobson said. "This is existing. For us to not be talking about it as friends in the show would be insane. It would be wrong...If you're going to talk about it you have to clearly state your beliefs and where you stand ethically or politically. Our message is heightened and crystalized this year."

Broad City Season 4 premieres Wednesday, Sept. 13 at 10:30/9:30c.