Secret Cirlce Secret Cirlce

Despite the positive buzz surrounding The CW's new fall supernatural drama Secret Circle, star Britt Robertson says she was nervous until she got word on an official pick-up.

"No matter how much buzz, you're always crossing your fingers and hoping for the best," she tells "I'm so excited to be a part of it and super glad it's actually happening and we're going to start shooting soon."

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Based on the three-book series from The Vampire Diaries author L.J. Smith, Secret Circle stars Robertson as Cassie, a young girl who loses her mother, moves to a new town and discovers that she is a witch and the key to a battle between good and evil.

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"Cassie is this normal average teenage girl living the life and then she gets thrown into these crazy circumstances. She's uncovering this new world along with the audience," she says.

In the interview below, Robertson and her co-stars share why they think viewers will be hooked on the CW series right from the first episode.