Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul

As AMC's Emmy-award winning drama Breaking Bad prepares to fire up its fourth season on July 17, the show's stars came out for the premiere to reflect on a very realistic scenario: that Season 5 could be its very last. Even though creator Vince Gilligan only hinted at this possibility in an interview earlier this week without directly confirming it, it appears the actors have accepted the fact that the series will end next year.

"We all knew that with this kind of story, there would be a finite time that we could keep it going because the guy's got terminal cancer," Anna Gunn (Skyler White) tells TV Guide Magazine. "We all knew that, but it's a great job and to hear that it's coming to a close is of course a little sad. It's the right thing and [Vince] knows the right time to bring it to a close."

"It's very sad but I think it's very smart to end it on a good note," adds Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman). "As Vince would say, you don't want to be the last person at the party. I think the show has been so great from Day 1 and you should end it on a good note."

Fans should rest assured, however, that this fourth season isn't holding back on the suspense and action they've come to expect from Breaking Bad. During last night's screening of the season premiere, an audience member required medical attention after a particularly gruesome scene, interrupting the episode for a few tense minutes. "This season is the biggest one yet," says Paul. "I think it's the best one yet, most intense, darkest and an amazing, crazy ride."

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