Aaron Paul, <i>Breaking Bad</i> Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad

[WARNING: The following story contains plot details from the Season 3 finale of Breaking Bad. Read at your own risk.]

For much of Breaking Bad's superb third season, Jesse (Aaron Paul) considered himself "the bad guy."

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AMC officially picked up the show for a fourth season late Sunday night.

Breaking Bad finale: All innocence is lost

Although the season-ender wasn't on the same scale of the plane crash in the Season 2 finale, Gilligan notes a commonality: Innocent life is lost because of Walt's actions.

"Walt is the cancer at the center of the show," Gilligan says, highlighting the irony that Walt began making meth to earn money for his family following a terminal cancer diagnosis. "He is a malignant entity on his family and loved ones; [he] harms them and potentially ruins their lives. Walt's bad life choices come back to bear very bitter fruit, not just for him and his own life, but for his friends, family and loved ones. No one escapes the show unscathed."

So, is "good guy" Jesse gone for good?

"I'd love to say I have the whole series plotted out to the end, but I truly don't," Gilligan says. "I think Jesse is indeed the moral center of this criminal equation. I don't know why he couldn't continue to be. If he had lost his soul utterly, he probably wouldn't have a problem that he shot Gale. But I imagine that he's going to have a big problem with it. I'm not sure how it's going to manifest itself. There are many ways, and we're going to examine as many of them as possible."

Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul: Jesse is going to a very dark place