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Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn responds to Skyler haters

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Breaking Bad: Will Skyler stand by Walt's side?

Other observations about the episode:

• "Confessions" is an appropriate title for the episode, thanks to the other huge plot twist featured in this hour. After trying one last time to convince Hank and Marie (Betsy Brandt) to give up their investigation into Heisenberg, Walt and Skyler (Anna Gunn) film Walt's "confession." Walt again spins a web of lies: He admits to cooking meth, but he says he did so out of necessity (he needed money for his family after the cancer diagnosis) and fear (Walt claims Hank is the ruthless and violent Heisenberg.) The cherry on top? Walt weaves the truth about paying Hank's medical bills — a fact Hank knew nothing about — into his fiction, which pretty much ensures Hank can't tell the DEA about Walt just yet. For now, the threat of Hank seems to be neutralized, which smartly allows the show to pivot to the burgeoning Jesse blowup.

• How cute is it that Todd (Jesse Plemons) calls to tell Walt about the massacre of Declan's crew in the desert? Is that a sign that Walt isn'ttruly out of Lydia's operation as he has said? Or is Todd just trying to stay close to his idol? In either case, the fact that Todd & Co. seem to be bringing the blue meth operation back to New Mexico can't bode well for Walt.

What did you think of the episode? Has Jesse snapped? Do you think Walt has check-mated Hank? Anyone want some table-side guacamole? Share your thoughts below.

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