Question: My boyfriend and I were recently talking about our favorite cartoons growing up, and one of our mutual favorites was Bobby's World, which, I believe, was created and voiced by Howie Mandell. Can you tell me how long this show ran and if it is available as a set on DVD? I think it would be a great gift for our upcoming anniversary. Thanks!

Answer: Can do, Rachel, but be aware that since everyone alive reads this column (you should see the hits), your boyfriend may well now know what he's getting before he ever even attacks the girly bow you're sure to attach to his present.

Nevertheless, Howie Mandell did indeed voice 4-year-old Bobby Generic every week during the series' September 1990-February 1998 run on Fox. He also provided the voice for Howie Generic and, as you probably recall, appeared live to bookend the story with an intro and a wrap-up chat with his pen-and-ink counterpart.

I don't believe the series is available in a complete set, but you can pick up The Signature Episodes and Scratch 'n' Sniff Episodes, which oughtta keep the boyfriend happy for a while.