Bones Tonight was all about the dead D.J. Mount, who was mummified after being suffocated with crystal meth. When Booth and Bones go to talk to D.J. Rulz, he checks out Bones and wonders if the FBI has started recruiting from America's Next Top Model. Nice. Rulz, who, it turns out, isn't responsible for Mount's or his girlfriend Eve's deaths, practically begs Booth to toss him in the slammer to boost his rep in the hip-hop circuit. Which prompts Bones to ask, "What am I, in 'backwards world?'" Oh, and did anyone else catch the subtle throwaway line when Bones was trying explain why she was too busy to go out to the club in the first place? "There's a TV show that needs research. Not that they listen." Funny, considering that

Kathy Reichs is a consultant on this show that is based on her life... wonder if Kathy begged the writers to toss that snarky line in there. Or if they just thought it would be amusing? And how funny was it to see Bones with a contact high? Actually how hysterical was it to watch her dancing and then try to explain tribal cultures and dancing to a bunch of hip-hop thugs? It was almost as entertaining as watching her kick some butt when they got all up in her grill. Was it just a strange coincidence that the drug of choice for this episode was crystal meth and the score to the show was done by Crystal Method? Angel Cohn

What's the real reason viewers love crime shows like this? Get a clue.