David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel

Ever since the demise of Moonlighting, many television writers have had one great fear: Once their show's two romantic leads sleep together, the show will lose its tension and become lifeless.

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"We knew we did not want them getting together and breaking up. We didn't want misunderstandings," Hanson says. "So, they're contending with a brand new relationship. 'How together are they?' is a question that needs answering. And how are they going to deal with having a child together? As we started banging out this season, it just gave us so many places to go with story."

Thursday's premiere finds the couple tired of splitting time between their respective homes and considering a more permanent cohabitation solution. Other bumps in the road could include the couple's differing views on religion, not to mention that Brennan learns the sex of the baby without even including Booth.

But Hanson says the drama won't be so trivial all season. "There are deeper places to go," he says. "What happens to the relationship between two people who share a child and love each other deeply? That's our journey this year. Where do they go next? And of course, the biggest question is, do they get married?"

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