Season 11 of Bones ended with a potential serial killer kidnapping Brennan (Emily Deschanel), marking one of the most dramatic and terrifying episodes of the entire show. But despite the drama in front of the camera, the cast and crew of Bones love to crack up behind the scenes. got our hands on the gag reel that will be included on the Season 11 DVD set. The clip includes the classic line flubs, prop mishaps and a few tumbles into the filming camera, breaking the tension of some very intense scenes. However, this season comes with the bonus gift of Betty White, who made a guest appearance on the show (and will return for the final season next year).

Bones is doing a crossover with Rosewood

Check out the Bones cast cracking up in the video to help tide you over until Bones returns.

The Season 11 DVD set is available on Tuesday, Jan. 3, the same day that Season 12 premieres at 8/7c on Fox.