David Boreanaz and John Francis Daley David Boreanaz and John Francis Daley

Bones' executive producers believe Booth and Brennan still have plenty of obstacles to overcome this season. But they don't all have to be so serious!

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The producers confirm that serial killer Pelant (Andrew Leeds) will return in a January episode, but his presence will be felt before then. "There's a murder that looks pretty horrible that they think might have been him, but they're kind of healing until he appears again," Nathan teases.

Meanwhile, Angela (Michaela Conlin) and Hodgins (TJ Thyne) will also be forced to consider how their lives have become different. "From the beginning, [Angela] felt like a fish out of water at the Jeffersonian, but she loved Brennan," Hanson says. "Then she fell in love with Hodgins, so she's been staying at the Jeffersonian for other reasons. Hodgins is the happiest man on the planet, and sometimes that blinds him to the fact that other people might not love what he loves quite as much."

But Nathan insists that couple's struggles will only make them stronger. "When their relationship is challenged, we find out just how solid [Hodgins'] commitment to Angela is," Nathan says. "And we certainly find out that Angela doesn't love Hodgins for his money."

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