If you're still scratching your head over the Season 2 finale of Blindspot, don't worry because we're about to get some major answers to that cliffhanger that saw Jane's body glow with a whole new set of tattoos. Season 3 of NBC's thriller premieres Friday, Oct. 27 at 8/7c, and it has a lot to fill in about what happened in those months between the FBI stopping Shepherd and the surprising flashforward into the future.

When Blindspot picks back up over a year after the events of Season 2, and right after the flashforward in the Season 2 finale, we'll notice that not only are the characters in a very different place, the show is too.

"The show this year is a bit of a soft reboot, it's the characters you know and love but in a different context," Blindspot creator Martin Gero tells TV Guide, teasing all that's happened to the characters. That wedding ring Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) was wearing? It was because he and Jane (Jaimie Alexander) got married and started a new life — one that somehow led Jane to Nepal alone — and that should be great news for fans of the Jeller ship.

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"The first two minutes of the show are very un-Blindspot because it's just pure joy," Gero says. "It almost feels like a different show, you get to see what I think fans have wanted, which is Jane and Weller finally getting together, living an idyllic life together away from it all with the support of their friends and family. It feels like a giant breath of fresh air. And then of course bullets come flying through the windows. It gets back to Blindspot real quick."

And part of getting back to Blindspot is throwing more tattoos on Jane, since the old ones were all wrapped up. Some fans have already put this together, and Gero confirms that Roman (Luke Mitchell) is the one who inked those new glowing tattoos on Jane. And because Jane and Roman had a "falling out" — as Gero politely puts it — when Jane chose the FBI over Roman, the hotheaded sibling has a bone to pick not just with Jane, but with all her pals.

"What's fascinating about the tattoos this year is they are aimed at the team as well as Jane," Gero says. "Each member of the team has tattoos that are resonant to them, or expose secrets [they have]. I think you'll see at the end of the season premiere, they all have something to hide."

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However, just as Roman wavered between being bad and good in Season 2, he may play the wild card role again this season and a bigger villain may emerge. "Roman is obviously a bad guy, but maybe the person that these tattoos are going after also needs to be taken down," Gero says. The fun never stops for the FBI!

And it won't stop for Blindspot, either. Season 2 moved away from the seriousness of Season 1 with great success, and that tone will continue in Season 3.

"More than anything, we want the show to be fun," Gero says. "The Rich Dot Com episodes that we've done in the past are some of our best. We're on Friday nights now, the world is a scary place. We want to be the thing you turn on to get your weekend started right and have a great time."

And from what we've seen, it's mission accomplished.

Blindspot airs Friday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

Sullivan Stapleton, Jaimie Alexander; BlindspotSullivan Stapleton, Jaimie Alexander; Blindspot