When Blindspot returns for Season 2 (Wednesday at 10/9c, NBC, before moving to its regular time slot of 8/7c the following week), it will look awfully similar to its first season yet be totally different at the same time. Let me explain.

All the action, intrigue and mysteries that you loved about the show will be back, but Jane (Jaimie Alexander) will have an entirely new role as the show gets turned upside down in Season 2. That changes the whole feel of Blindspot without pushing it off the dramatic orbit that made it NBC's biggest new hit of last season. And you know what? After watching the premiere, it seems like this was the show Blindspot was meant to be all along and that Season 1 was just an entertaining prologue.

Blindspot: Will Jane's betrayal have deadly consequences?

Here's what to expect from Season 2:

1. The reset button gets pressed, and pressed hard!

Jaimie Alexander, <em>Blindspot</em>Jaimie Alexander, Blindspot

If you're just getting into Blindspot, I have good news! You don't have to buy a few gallons of Jolt cola to fuel you for a 22-hour binge session of the first season. It helps to understand what happened in Season 1, but Season 2 is incredibly friendly to newbies as it's essentially not just a new chapter, but also a new book. In fact, vets of the show will be shocked at the "Previously On," which covers only a small portion of the show. And later, Jane — with the help of a chemical aid — offers up a recap of the first season in a nifty bit of exposition that lays out almost everything that happened.

2. The clock will move forward

Ashley Johnson, Sullivan Stapleton, Dylan Baker; <em>Blindspot</em>Ashley Johnson, Sullivan Stapleton, Dylan Baker; Blindspot

Season 1 ended on a shocking note: After Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) found out Jane wasn't his missing childhood friend Taylor Shaw, he cuffed Jane and arrested her. When Season 2 picks up, three months have passed and Jane is locked up in an FBI black site being tortured for information (is that any way to treat your golden goose?). Information she doesn't have. Poor Jane. Meanwhile, the FBI is working other cases, and some on the team aren't too jazzed about the new work.

3. Questions will be answered, and fast

Jaimie Alexander, <em>Blindspot</em>Jaimie Alexander, Blindspot

"A lot of the questions from Season 1 are answered almost immediately, and of course dozens of new questions arrive," creator Martin Gero tells TVGuide.com. Jane's true identity will no longer be a secret by the time the third commercial break or so rolls around, and this doesn't seem like it's a Taylor Shaw-like red herring.

4. Jane has an entirely new mission

Jaimie Alexander, <em>Blindspot</em>Jaimie Alexander, Blindspot

"If Season 1 was about Jane being a Trojan Horse inside the FBI, Season 2 is about Jane infiltrating her former organization," Gero tells TVGuide.com. And this may be where Blindspot feels the most different. Jane's goal in Season 2 is to help a third party (more on that in a second) learn more about her former cohort, which could mean that her famous tattoos don't really come into play early on this season. It doesn't take long to adjust to Blindspot's new formula, however, because the story holds on its own with or without ink.

5. ...and it won't be easy for her

Jaimie Alexander, Sullivan Stapleton; <em>Blindspot</em>Jaimie Alexander, Sullivan Stapleton; Blindspot

Jane won't get off to her new job with a running start, because she's not sure who she should trust. If you remember, in the Season 1 finale, Jane saw a video of herself pre-memory wipe telling her this was all her plan. "That's really a struggle for her, figuring out where she belongs," Gero says. "Now that she knows who she is, where does she belong? Is she this new person who emerged after her memory was wiped, or is she who she was before all this happened. And they're pretty different women." And a big revelation towards the end of the premiere will only torment her — and us — more.

6. Archie Panjabi's addition adds a whole new layer to things

Sullivan Stapleton, Archie Panjabi; <em>Blindspot</em>Sullivan Stapleton, Archie Panjabi; Blindspot

The Good Wife vet makes a huge splash in the season premiere, playing a character who holds power over everyone, including Fuller, and she quickly lays down the law. She's not just there to replace the authority figure in the departed (well, deceased) Mayfair, either. Panjabi's character may have some motives of her own. Surprise! Another layer of mystery added to Blindspot!

7. Faces from Jane's past start popping up, and at least one of them is handsome!

Archie Panjabi, Jaimie Alexander; <em>Blindspot</em>Archie Panjabi, Jaimie Alexander; Blindspot

Jane lived a whole life before she ended up in a duffel bag in the middle of Times Square, and Blindspot will work from the middle backward to uncover her past. With Oscar still dead of scythe-through-the-chest-related injuries, Jane get a new contact with her old crew... and he's another rugged stud. But this guy may be even closer to her than her old ex-fiancé.

Additionally, expect one other big jaw-dropping revelation and one of Season 1's most mysterious characters playing a huge part early on.

Blindspot returns for Season 2 on Wednesday at 10/9c on NBC.