Lucy Hale courtesy Lucy Hale Lucy Hale courtesy Lucy Hale
Lucy Hale has joined NBC's Bionic Woman as Jaime Sommers' younger sister, replacing Mae Whitman (who filled the role in the pilot). Hale is best known (by me) as Robin's kid sis on How I Met Your Mother. Definitely more of a "family resemblance" now. Also, as rumored and since confirmed in the Ausiello Report, the sibling is no longer deaf, and has also gained mad hacking skills. Also per the Reporter, Julie White has been upped to series-regular status on ABC's Cavemen, where she plays nice Cro-Mag Joel's (Bill English) prospective (and WASPy) mother-in-law, while Drive's Kristin Lehman has been cast as a police detective's wife in Backyards & Bullets, an NBC pilot (formerly known as The Watch) about a neighborhood-watch program gone extreme.