Billy Crystal's Oscar show opener came as a surprise to everyone ? including his own daughter!

Actress Jennifer Crystal tells TV Guide Online that the most exciting part about the Oscars for her is the anticipation of her father's movie parody at the beginning of the show. "He never tells me what it's going to be so that I'm surprised like everyone else." Not even a joke here or there? "No. He wants it to be a surprise."

Crystal, who plays Sela Ward's boss in tonight's episode of Once and Again, is making a name for herself in Hollywood. Besides co-starring with Dad in such movies as Father's Day and City Slickers II, Crystal has made numerous TV appearances. "It's hard doing guest spots because you're never quite in with the family, but this show has been so great to me. All the actors and the crew have been so nice."

So how does Crystal feel about always being known as Billy's daughter? "It's something I'm proud of. It's not something that upsets me because I'm making my own way and I'm working completely on my own now with the support and guidance of my family."

There are some perks to having your dad host the Academy Awards, though. "It's one of those dream nights. You've got Madonna to your left, Brad Pitt behind you and there are like all of these Oscars roaming around. It's a very surreal experience." So does this up-and-comer ever hope to host the Oscars herself? "No, I would never touch that. That's his thing."