The Biggest Loser, Miggy The Biggest Loser, Miggy

Miggy Cancel was a fierce competitor on the Bigger Loser ranch. After an emergency appendectomy in Week 5, the 47-year-old refused to let her health issues set her back and continued to work out just a day after surgery. Unfortunately, in Week 7, the teams were split into Blue vs. Black and after losing the weigh-in, Miggy's teammates sent her packing.

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"I was disappointed," Cancel says. "I had worked very hard that week but even though it wasn't the lowest percentage of weight loss ... I left because of the decision of the group."

At home, the mother of three is keeping up her weight loss with a combination of things. "I have an awesome trainer, and he has incorporated in my routine a lot of meditation, a variety of workouts and he checks on me every day," she says.

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Miggy, who has lost over 70 pounds, has also reached out to Season 7's Nicole Brewer. "We're running together; we're working out together — Nicole keeps me on track."