The Red Team botched this week's weight-loss challenge on The Biggest Loser (Tuesdays, 8 pm/ET on NBC) and they were bitter. Thus, Matt Kamont was declared excess baggage and sent packing. While the spirited, openly gay 25-year-old seemed like the life of the party, his teammates claimed he was self-centered and working on their nerves. Here, the Pennsylvania boy tells TV Guide Online his side of the story — especially what he thinks of his teammates' nasty comments.

TV Guide Online: First off, I loved the Elton John-inspired look donned for the oversize pop-star competition.
Matt Kamont:
It wasn't supposed to be Elton John. I threw together an outfit and then Caroline Rhea said, "You look like Elton John reincarnated." They actually had to stop production for 20 minutes because she was laughing so hard.

TVGO: You seemed fun, but your team said you're annoying. What's up with that?
I don't know. I was watching [last week's show] like, "Ohh... They think I'm annoying? Screw them!" I was always just myself. Really, all I ever did was be honest, helpful, and I gave them support. I don't know why they said I wasn't supportive. Whatever. If they want, they can go in the archives and look at the videotapes. But I talked about other people, too — Ryan got annoying sometimes and Lisa got annoying with all the crying. So it wasn't a problem [that they criticized me].

TVGO: You lost 46 pounds on the show. How much have you lost since then?
As of [Tuesday] night, I weighed myself and I'd lost another two pounds, so I've lost 25 pounds since leaving.

TVGO: Are you sticking to Jillian's rules?
A little bit. I had a quarter of a quesadilla and I'm not afraid to say it. People are like, "You cheated!" I didn't cheat; I just had a quarter and I'm done and I walked away from it. I just want to enjoy food and taste stuff, which isn't a problem as long as you know when to stop, and I knew when to stop.

TVGO: Jillian seems like a drill sergeant, but you bonded with her!
She is the person that I miss the most. I loved Jillian. She's pushy when she needs to be. I'd [whine,] "Jillian, I really don't want to." She'd yell, "Get down." She's a tough one but she has a soft spot, especially for me.

TVGO: How hard was it to resist the bake sale's tempting cupcakes?
Cupcakes don't really do it for me. If it was a macaroni-and-cheese cook-off, things would have been a little different.

TVGO: You had to stop stair-climbing because of Lisa's panic attack halfway up. Think you really could've scaled all 74 flights?
Yes! I would have won that mission. Unfortunately, both team members had to cross the finish line at the same time.

TVGO: How far did you make it?
We did 34 flights in, like, 10 minutes. We [had done] running up stairs before — Jillian always liked to time us and I usually could do 10 flights in 42 seconds. I was really quick.

TVGO: Why did Lisa blame you for her freak-out?
She blamed me entirely for running too fast. But I kept saying, "Lisa, am I running too fast for you? Do you want me to calm down? You're doing great. Come on, Lisa!" I was always supportive. I was blowing on her neck and getting her water. I tried to take care of her as much as possible.

TVGO: Other than the annoyance factor, why do you think the Reds sent you home?
Unfortunately, I think people were intimidated. I can't believe Dave called me a "foolish, foolish, little boy." That comment p----d me off. But I'm not a foolish little boy anymore. I've learned a lot from that show.