Kelly Fields, <EM>The Biggest Loser: Couples</EM> Kelly Fields, The Biggest Loser: Couples

Their marriage didn't work out, but Kelly Fields and her ex-husband, Paul Marks, decided to work off their weight together on The Biggest Loser: Couples. Weighing in as the most portly pair, Kelly also ranked as the heaviest woman competing on the show at 271 pounds. But the 39-year-old nurse from Titusville, Florida, finished in third place at 162 pounds, arriving at the finale 109 lighter — and solo. Why do the show with your ex, when you'd already started dating someone new?
Kelly Fields: Paul was the biggest guy I knew and a tough competitor. Good reason. But that's also why we were surprised that he didn't come to the finale. Is he really sick?
Yes, he is. He's in a hospital bed right now. What happened to him?
He is really, really sick. In the past two months he's spent six weeks in the hospital. He's had ruptured diverticula and he got a colostomy, which got gangrenous. He's had [several] surgeries. He would really love to be here, and I'm sorry that he can't be. He was truly missed. On one of the video clips during the show, Paul expressed some deep emotional feelings for you. Were you surprised by his comments?
Kelly: Paul is a good man. He always loved me. I was the one that just couldn't be in the marriage. I'm truly blessed that he still loves me. He'll make a good husband for somebody, but we're better off friends than we were as mates. When you went home you discovered you had a herniated disc yet you risked paralysis and still kept working out. Why?! How?
Kelly: I knew I could overcome this. As you watched this show, how many times was I the underdog and I overcame it? I worked with an excellent trainer and if it hurt, I didn't do it. The only thing I could find myself doing was the step mill and the elliptical machines. I did those for four or five hours a day. When the show began, you were hoping to lose the weight so you could get pregnant. How soon will you be working on having a baby?
Kelly: This has been my focus for five months. I really need to get back to work, I need to get my life back and go from there. How soon will you get back to work?
Next week. I've had family, and some people were nice enough to loan me money to keep me out here. Now I need to get them repaid. I'm available for hire if anybody wants me. Was the hospital amenable to you taking the time off?
My job knew how important this was for me to be healthy and they want their nurses to be healthy. Here I am telling people to eat right and they need to lose weight and I was not setting the example, and now I've set the example. They're going to embrace me when I get back, I hope.

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