Allen Smith Allen Smith

Allen Smith was eliminated just one week shy of the Biggest Loser finale. A firefighter and father, Allen, 44, was a strong competitor who has excelled since returning home. Now down a total of 125 pounds, Allen told he was surprised to be voted out and shares how he's been able to continue his weight loss despite his busy lifestyle. Were you surprised with Amanda's decision to vote you out?
Allen Smith: I was a little surprised because Amanda is somewhat of a game-player. I was thinking she would want to look at going for the win. But when you're on The Biggest Loser and you get down to just a few contestants, really nothing comes as a big surprise. You told Bob that you were strategically not winning all the challenges. Do regret that at all?
Smith: No, I do not regret that. I saw that, towards the end, I'd have to get that focus of the target off my back [and] onto somebody else's. You have a catering business. Have you altered what you offer?
Smith: We've always offered a healthy alternative, but in the catering business, most people don't want that. They want to be very well taken care of and have their pallets pampered. We're offering what we call our "slim line" menu, and what that offers is a lot of healthy alternatives to the traditional food that we make. Also, some new recipes that we've put together are low in carbs and lower in fat. I think people are going to start taking that incentive to live a little healthier, and why not share that healthy lifestyle with your friends and family when you have a wedding reception or when you have a family gathering? Your catering business is in addition to your work as a firefighter and a coroner. How do you find time to workout?  
Smith: Prioritize. My wife and I have always said God first, family second, career third, and then everything else. Our priorities have stayed the same as far as that goes, it's just that when I put my family second, I'm right in there as well. If I'm not there to take care of myself, I can't take care of my family. That's where my workout time falls — during my family priority. What did you learn from your partner Abby and her tragic story?
Smith: The No. 1 reason I picked Abby was because going through what she had to go through showed me just how emotionally and mentally strong she was going to be. I knew no matter who I matched myself up with, physically I would be able to get us through anything. But I needed someone who was going to be strong emotionally. [For Abby] to be where she was at, that was one strength that I recognized, and that really stood out about her. What I've learned from Abby is you don't give up. Life is going to throw you some curve balls, and life is going to kick you when you are already down. But you stand back up, you dust yourself off, and you say, "Here I am. I'm not staying down, I'm not going down again." You don't give up, you just keep going.