"Big day tomorrow, let's all try to get some rest." I'm glad to see President Allen is taking the soccer mom approach to running the free world. And don't forget to floss! Healthy gums are happy gums! The big day to which she's referring is her administration's first official summit. The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming you get the idea. President Kharkov blows into town with a caviar-and-world-trade-heavy agenda, not to mention a nice dig to the press about Mac's golf game. Dude, don't make her mad she'll sic Annika on you. And as if all this world-leader stuff weren't exhausting enough, that nasty speaker of the House is orchestrating a mutiny in the cabinet, the first daughter's blowing off the all-important state dinner to "study" with a boy, and the first son is clearly making his dance floor moves on the press secretary. All of a sudden it's like West Wing, 90210 in here.

Glad to see that Jim "Chief of Staff" Gardner turned out to be loyal to the cause, despite the offer to join Templeton's ticket in the next election and potentially become the first black vice president in history. Wouldn't it be nice to live in a time when minorities-as-running-mates weren't merely bargaining chips to try to pick up votes among desirable voter pools? Although, maybe it's daring of this show to even consider such a thing something tells me kids today think Geraldine Ferraro is some sort of designer handbag.

And finally, heads of state waltzing their way to world peace? Hot. To "Mack the Knife," no less? Super hot. If Dubya and Putin could just put aside their differences and do a little mad hot ballroom, there's no telling what they could accomplish.