For the second time in two months, a woman beat a man on Big Brother, as Morgan beat Jason to become the first Over the Top winner Thursday — and she still can't believe it.

"It's still so surreal. I woke up and still had to pinch myself [like] 'Oh, my gosh, I'm not in the Big Brother house for once. I actually won.' I still can't believe it," she tells "To be the first female winner of Big Brother: Over the Top and to be its first winner ever is just so crazy."

Less than 20,000 votes separated the final two. So how did the last Ball Smasher standing defeat the returning vet whom almost everyone predicted would win? See what Morgan has to say below — and find out if she'll share the $250,000 with Alex.

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Congratulations! You were clearly not expecting to win. How stunned were you?
I'm sure you could tell from my facial expression. I was so shocked. Because the week before, Jason had told us that he was voted in the house by America, so even when I got to the final three, I was like, "OK, Jason was voted in by America. They're going to vote for him to win. At best I'll get second place and I'll be really happy." And then when Julie [Chen] said my name, I even looked at him and was like, "No, I didn't win." And he was like, "Yes, you did." He had to hold my hand and help me walk out the door because I was so surprised.

Why do you think America voted for you?
I would like to say America likes an underdog story. Anytime I watch a show like this, I was pull for the underdog. And the fact that I was alone in the house, my alliance had completely gone away and I didn't think I would make it to the end because I had no allies in the house. I won my way to the final four and I won my way to the final three, so I think that says a lot. And I'm just hoping that America saw that I was a normal person. I was myself the whole season. I had so many ups and downs, probably more than anybody in the cast, and I never let that break my spirit. I cried a lot. [Laughs] But I kept fighting and in the end it all paid off. I have to credit Alex and Shelby for so much of me making it to the end. Probably I can credit them for a lot of the votes too because apparently they did a lot of campaigning on social media, so I'm very excited to see that.

Shelby did a rap for you.
That's what she said! She was like, "It went viral!" [Laughs] I was like, "Oh, my gosh! I can't wait to see this."

It was pretty good. She said she came up with it while she was doing her hair.
Oh, my God! I've missed her so much. She's a character.

How much of it do you think was an anti-Jason vote, like people not wanting a vet to win?
I think that probably had something to do with it. Jason has his fans. He was on last year and he got out in, I think, 13th place. He came into the house knowing so much more than I did. He had already played the game and he had an advantage. I think people did feel that he was a vet and he was a returning player and it would almost be too easy, I feel like, for him to win. I think that could be it — the anti-Jason vote and you know, he pulled some dirty moves and I don't know how America reacted to it. I know I wasn't a big fan in the house and maybe they weren't either.

Yeah, people were not happy with some of the things he said and did.
That makes me feel a little better because I thought I was crazy in the house. I was like, "How can people like him?!" [Laughs] He was quite interesting this season.

You really bonded with Jason and Kryssie the past week while they turned on Justin. I think that worked in your favor too.
It was so funny. I went into the last week dreading it. Once Shelby left, I was like, "Well, this is it. I've hit my breaking point. I don't think I can do a week with this people." But I'll give it to Kryssie and Jason — they were very warm, very welcoming to my absolute surprise. I was not expecting it. The whole entire game, I was really not liking them. Our sides of the house didn't really get along, but it just shows that even at the end, people put the game aside and they are human beings and they are decent people. I really appreciated that they were warm and welcoming to me that last week because it easily could've been really bad.

Morgan, Big Brother: Over the TopMorgan, Big Brother: Over the Top

Do you think that helped you in the final HOH against Justin, who was already distancing himself?
For sure. I think in the fact Kryssie and Justin had their big blowup fight really did work to my benefit. I was convinced I would be alone that final week with no people with me and the fact that there was that split between Justin and Kryssie and then Jason, they all kind of came to me because they did have that big fight. It ended up working in my favor. I wasn't a fan of Justin's behavior, but I'm definitely thankful that happened because I definitely think that contributed to some of my votes.

You laid low for a bit and won comps here and there, and your social game was always good. What do you think was your best game move?
I came into this game always saying that I want to get out a big target if I was in power. My HOH, I think that was the pivotal moment in my game. I was like, "I won HOH. I tried so hard to get Jason out, but I didn't." I think my biggest move was the following week winning against Justin in the head-to-head HOH. I might not have voted him out, but winning that got him out of the house and he was a huge target, so liked by America. Honestly, the whole season everyone was scared of him going to the end and winning. I am proud that I won that. I might not have won HOH and got him voted out, but I still technically got him evicted. That's what I'm most proud of.

You should also be proud of your eviction speech when you were on the block. That was awesome.
[Laughs] Oh, my gosh! That's probably one of my favorite moments of the game. I loved that. I was not expecting to stay. I was like, if Alex goes, I'm right after her, so I might as well give a really great speech about these people I really can't stand and then I ended up staying in the house. I was like, "Oh, no," but they didn't get as offended as I thought they'd be, so it ended up not being so bad.

It definitely won you some fans.
I'm very happy I did it then!

When I talked to Alex, she said she didn't think you would tell people your secret until you were evicted or until the finale, but you told the house before the finale. What was your thought process?
Right. I told Kryssie about me and Alex being sisters because Shelby and I had our backs against the wall and we needed an alliance that would stick together. I was like, "If I can get Kryssie away from Jason, get her to work with us and trust me, that'll help us." So I thought if I told her this, she would trust me. Ever the since the Neeley thing, she just did not trust me. So I told her that and she ended up not believing me. [Laughs] And I was convinced that whole time that she had told Jason because they were so close. I was like, "It didn't work. I told her my secret and she told Jason and everyone knows."

Once Shelby left and she revealed her secret and then we found out the twist in the HOH comp and I knew Jason was going to pick Kryssie, I was like, "There's no game left really to be played. I know it's going to be me and Justin fighting it out for final three. I can't use the secret to win votes. I might as well tell them." It just seemed like the perfect moment after Shelby left. Let's just see if Jason already knows this, put it out in the open, and they were surprised, but I'm happy I did it because they ended talking about themselves and what they were thinking and doing all season. I was like, "Here's my twist!" and it snowballed.

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Were you surprised no one figured it out inside the house?
Oh, my God. I just can't believe it. What are these people doing? I thought the minute Alex walked in, people would look at us and be like, "Sisters, blond hair, Texas." The fact that we made it that far, working in the same alliance even and no one saw it coming — it's still shocking to me.

A lot of people would say, "They look alike," but they never went the next step and considered, "Maybe they're related."
Right. Justin did it the most. He would stare and was like, "I can't tell y'all apart." And we would freak out! "Everyone knows!" But it never got further than that, so either we're really good liars or people in the house were very oblivious to what's right under their nose.

I think it was the first night when Alex called you "Mo" and Shelby was like, "Oh, you guys already have nicknames."
[Laughs] I was so mad about that! I was like, "We've been in here one hour and you've already blown our cover! C'mon!" But even when Shelby said that, she still didn't pick up on it, so I was pretty surprised. I thought for sure when Shelby said that she knew, but we went all the way until we told her and she had no idea. It was kind of comical telling her.

Are you going to split the money with Alex at all?
Well, Alex is convinced we're going to split it 20-80. I haven't done the math for that yet, but that seems a little high to me. [Laughs] I told her I definitely credit her for getting me to where I am. She helped me out so much in this game. She was the only person I knew for sure was loyal. She fought so hard. We'll do something, whether it's a shopping spree or a vacation. I've been wanting to take my parents on a vacation; they're so deserving. So we'll do something. But I definitely don't know about 20-80 yet!

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