Houseguests are dropping like flies in the Big Brother 18 house. Over the past week, we've said goodbye to Natalie, Victor and Corey, leaving Paul, Nicole and James as the last three standing. At various points in the season, each member of the final three has been in an alliance with the other two remaining houseguests, so it will be interesting to see who gets taken to the finale now that all the couples have been split up.

So who won the 13th week in the Big Brother house? Check out our power rankings below. (For previous rankings: Week 12, Week 11, Week 10, Week 9)

Paul: After being betrayed by Nicorey, Paul bounced back in a major way. He let Victor implode while they were on the block, securing his own safety without ever having to campaign against his BFF. Then he won HOH and POV, ensuring that one of the Benedict Arnolds would be joining Vic in the jury house.
Grade: 8 (Season average: 6.5)

Nicole: She may have helped eliminate a major threat this week, but Nicole also saw her ride-or-die get evicted after Paul put her and Corey on the block together. However, this "snake" is still in a great position. Despite Nicole's role in evicting Natalie, James remains loyal to her and would definitely take her to the finale two if given the opportunity. We also wouldn't be surprised if Paul took her as well, meaning there's not only a huge chance that we'll see Nicole in the finale, but also a good chance she just might win.
Grade: 7.7 (Season average: 5.5)

James: The former America's Favorite Player winner has become the biggest floater of the season, losing (or throwing) nearly every comp all summer. In fact, the biggest thing James has going for him is how little of a threat he is. Being such an obvious weak link puts James in a great position to get taken to the final two but leaves him little-to-no chance of actually winning. If James had any sense, he would have evicted Nicole, who would have had even less support from the jury, instead of Corey.
Grade: 1 (Season average: 5.1)

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