Things are looking pretty good for Jamie Foxx right now. Foxx is the star of one of the summer's most talked-about movies in Baby Driver, he's got that whole movie career going on, and now his weirdo Fox show Beat Shazam has been renewed for a second season. And to think, he started off in showbiz doing stuff like this:

Foxx will return as the co-creator and host of Beat Shazam, a new musical game show that debuted on May 25. The show's title doesn't refer to music "beats" as I thought it did for a long time and therefore, it confused the heck out of me. It's a command, as in BEAT Shazam. Contestants try to guess songs before opponents can, and in the finals they go up against Shazam, the algorithm-based phone app famous for identifying songs. Then they win a lot of money.

The timing of the show's renewal wasn't accidental. Fox is using the news to promote a special guest appearance by Mariah Carey on tomorrow's episode. Fox also praises Beat Shazam as the summer's No. 1 music series, so take that, all you other summer music shows if you even exist.

Beat Shazam airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on Fox.