Since winning an Oscar in 1998 for L.A. Confidential, Kim Basinger has starred in the back-to-back flops I Dreamed of Africa and Bless the Child. But the 46-year-old actress insists she's not trying to sabotage her career.

"Nobody knows what will be successful and what won't," Basinger tells TV Guide Online. "And me, I've been the poorest judge of that in my life. But that's why L.A. Confidential was such a wonderful surprise."

Incidentally, Basinger says her primary concern about I Dreamed of Africa, premiering on pay-per-view tonight, wasn't how much the film would gross at the box office. Instead, she worried whether she was making a mistake bringing along Ireland, her 4-year-old daughter with husband Alec Baldwin, to South Africa for the film's shoot. "If I've ever not slept over anything in my life, it was those months prior to going into the [African] bush with her," sighs Basinger. "But my husband and I really made a conscious decision to go into it as a family.

"All I remember is packing everything for Ireland... packing, packing, packing, packing. We didn't know what to expect," she continues. "We lived without electricity and water; we fought tick fever, spitting cobras, poisonous green frogs. Everything in Africa has teeth!"

Looking back, Basinger, an outspoken animal-rights activist, says she has no regrets about her decision. "I knew when I took her to Africa with me that we didnt have much longer before she needed some kind of stability in her life," she explains. "If ever the time was going to be right, this was it."

Another feature of growing up is being able to rent your own videos. How will Basinger prepare Ireland for her mom's work in films like Nine &#189 Weeks, not to mention her notorious Playboy spread? "It's going to be a big question to face when she gets older," she concedes. "I really dont know how I will handle it, but I know one thing: I would never hide a thing from my daughter. It'll be a slight concern of mine, but she will know me; she will know me."