Rene Russo, who bared all in 1999's The Thomas Crown Affair, says she's through with nude scenes.

"I think probably I will never take my clothes off in a film again," the actress tells TV Guide Online. "We can pretty much say that is an absolute truth."

Russo, who's now starring in the decidedly tamer family pic The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, says she only stripped down for Crown because she was playing a character that used her sexuality to manipulate. "The only way I would take my clothes off is for a character like that and I probably wouldn't play her again," she says.

And what exactly would she like to play? Well, for starters, she's hoping to reunite with Rocky co-star Robert De Niro in a romantic comedy. "He said, 'Yeah, cool,' so we'll see," she says. "I can't say too much more than that. But it could be a reality."

It could be an interesting combo: Russo says she was so intimidated when she first met De Niro on the Rocky set that she couldn't get her lines out. "I wanted to die," she says. "That's how he affected me. I felt like I was standing there nude. I might as well have been nude. It was just awful."