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While J.P. may seem like the front-runner on The Bachelorette, Chris Harrison says that bumps are ahead for him and Ashley. In this week's chat with Harrison, he dissects each of the dates, talks about Ames' upcoming stint on Bachelor Pad, and hints that next week one of the guys may not choose to forgo their individual room to stay with Ashley in the fantasy suite.

On Constantine's date, his mom asked Ashley right away if she'd relocate for him.
Harrison: I thought it was very direct and a very motherly thing to do, [but] I think it was a little bit of a reality check for Ashley that if she chose him she'd be living in Cumming, Ga. I think it really started to set in this week that what it comes down to in the end is that not only do you have to choose a great guy, but you choose that life.

What did you think of Ames' date?
It was like The Great Gatsby, all of a suddenly they're under a magnolia tree and then cut to a carriage ride along the river. It was very Victorian.

He spouts the best lines like, "It's the best when the ordinary is extraordinary."
If anybody else talked like that, you would be laughed out of the room, but for some reason it really fits Ames.

Were you surprised that his sister questioned Ashley if she really had feelings for him?
I think his sister could tell [she didn't] and maybe has seen that before and was leery of it. I also liked what Ashley had to say. She was very honest that other relationships have moved further and faster, but she wasn't ready to say goodbye to him yet.

I'm excited he's on Bachelor Pad, but I hope he doesn't get eaten alive!
He doesn't get eaten alive. I think Ames is going to steal a few more hearts with how he performs and how he acts and handles himself. He is fantastic.

Ben's date was much more intense than the others.
That was very cathartic and therapeutic. I think he was saying some feelings out loud about his dad [dying] for the first time and the conversation he had with his mom was very healing. I feel like we got a look inside someone's soul. It was so intimate at times I was like: Should we even be listening to this? But there were some things we didn't show. They shopped in the market for some of the picnic items before they went into his vineyard, they tasted some of his wines and goofed around. We didn't show some of the more lighthearted moments because we felt what was really impactful and what moved people about the date was the stuff about his dad.

How adorable was J.P.'s date?
Harrison: Right now if you had to rank them, you'd start with J.P. ... but I will say the exotic dates really change that. There are some bumpy roads ahead for J.P. and Ashley. I don't know the whole story [about his ex], but apparently he was devastated. For your mom to say, "I don't want to see you like that again," he must've been a mess. I think you saw Ashley a bit taken back about how serious he was with the last girlfriend and that put some question marks in Ashley's mind. I don't think J.P. is completely ready to let go yet and all of that really comes to a head next week.

What else can you preview about the fantasy dates?
It doesn't go as smooth and orchestrated as it always does. She has a visitor come back next week [Spoiler Alert: It's Ryan] which really doesn't throw her for a loop; it's almost a positive visit. But with the three guys she has left, things aren't quite as smooth. By the end of next week, the order of who's on top will change.

But I'm assuming everyone chooses to "forgo their individual rooms."
Maybe not. The fantasy suite card may not work for all three.